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Oregon Bankruptcy Lawyer

Filing for Bankruptcy in Oregon

Our firm, Oregon Fresh Start, provides personal legal service for all types of bankruptcy. Many Oregonians have suffered serious financial troubles in recent years. Some have lost jobs, have a mortgage with an interest rate they can no longer afford, are dealing with the repercussions of a divorce, or have had a medical situation and now owe thousands of dollars. It can be impossible to pay these debts. Some have chosen to use their retirement accounts to try to stay ahead, making matters worse. Now they no longer have money for retirement, and usually owe a large debt to the IRS. If you are in financial trouble, you owe it to yourself to get help from a highly qualified Oregon bankruptcy lawyer from Oregon Fresh Start. We have 33 years of experience, and have resolved over 10,000 bankruptcies over our years in practice.

Filing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 in Oregon

The bankruptcy process has changed. In 2005, the laws were amended, and there are more requirements to qualify for Chapter 7. At our firm, we find that most of those who we work with will still qualify. Those who do not qualify under Chapter 7 still have the option to file Chapter 13, also called "wage earners bankruptcy". The advantages of filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy include the opportunity to discharge most types of unsecured consumer debt. Most people who file will lose none of their personal possessions. You need to get help from our firm, and we provide affordable counsel that is easy to understand. We do most of our work electronically, and we can get you through much of the process through email.

Bankruptcy Lawyer Serving all of Oregon

There are many bankruptcy myths that are on the internet or spread around through friends, associates or even fly-by-night firms that move into financially stressed areas. Get the truth from an Oregon bankruptcy lawyer from our firm. You could endanger your own situation if you act upon any false information. We can explain about the bankruptcy exemptions, help you with the means test, and find out if you are eligible for discharging your debt. There is some non dischargeable debt, and you need to know exactly how filing for bankruptcy in Oregon will affect you as an individual, or as a business owner.

If you are facing repossession, you need to contact our firm quickly; something probably can be done to save you from losing your car. If the repossession goes through, you will be stuck with the payments - unfortunately a repossession of a vehicle or business tools or equipment will not resolve your debt. You will lose your possession, and still owe per the terms of your contract. We can fight for the rights of those who are victims of creditor abuse, take action to help you defend against foreclosure, and advise you about the truth about life after bankruptcy. You need relief from the ongoing pressure of overwhelming debt, and we are here to help. We know all the risks and the benefits of bankruptcy, and will help you make the decision that best suits your personal financial situation.

Highest Quality Legal Representation at Lowest Possible Cost

Filing for bankruptcy now requires that you have credit counseling before filing. You should find out about all the requirements, and we can assist you. If you are struggling with a reduced paycheck due to wage garnishment, filing for bankruptcy will bring this to a halt at once. You may need information about rebuilding your credit, the warning signs that you need to be alert to, and what to expect in court. Our firm provides legal help to individuals, families and business owners throughout the state of Oregon, and much of our work can be done via email, allowing you less trouble, less stress, and lower cost. The last thing you need now is another expense that is difficult to pay. Call us today!

Contact an Oregon bankruptcy lawyer from our firm for the experienced, affordable legal help you deserve.

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